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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 28, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. let's take a look at some great videos "right this minute." the reckless driver weaves in and out of traffic and you just know nothing good can come from this. what happens when he hits a tunnel doing 110? a hotel guest is held down by police. when officers spot another guest. >> police now slam him against the wall and arrest him. >> what he did that made him this mad. people outside a prison are
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terrorized by -- >> a very aggressive escapee. >> see who wins the hand to hoof combat. and it's the tallest tower swing ride -- >> in the world. >> why the sky screamer dares you to look down. >> i think i'm going to -- myself. >> and i was thinking the exact same thing right now. whenou fir this video you think, this guy is mimicking or following this motorcycle to see how fast it's going. then you realize, no. this is in moscow. you can see there is a motorcycle in front but the passenger shooting the video shows us twice how fast this car is going. and it reaches speeds of over 110 miles an hour. and you can see it just weaving in and out of traffic and then it goes into a tunnel and you are thinking, you know what? nothing good can come from this, and nothing does. you see two lines of cars. you are thinking, is he going to make it between those?
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oh! >> no, he hit like ten cars. >> watch that again. you know what it made me think of? star trek in the most recent movie. he said you're not going to make it between those two ships. this guy doesn't make it between these two rows of cars. >> so stupid. >> why would you even try to do that. >> this guy didn't want to see how fast his car could go. he did what he said he was going to do here. this is in the uk. watch this door. it drove through the door at a job center in norwich in the uk. police say once they arrested christopher leaves for this incident that happened back in march, police say he was angry and frustrated over problems with his job benefits and he said during a police interview that he threatened to drive his car through the building. and that's exactly what he did. >> now he's out even more money. >> he doesn't have to worry about money for 15 months because that's how long he was
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sentenced to jail because he pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and criminal damage. >> now he doesn't have a job, a car or his freedom. >> one more thing, police said he'd do it again. he was not remorseful and almost hit people on his way into the building. >> no wonder he didn't have a job. security cameras at a well-known hotel in downtown toronto capture a pretty chaotic scene. this is a family of four, french tourists. mother, father, a teenaged boy and their daughter. they were complaining to the hotel staff they were hearing sexual noises coming from the room next to them. the teen boy started getting pretty agitated with the staff. police were called and soon after the toronto police showed up, they took the boy into custody. other guests of this hotel arrived and start taking video of this scenario. one of those people is carl andres. you see him with the hat. he's holding his camera and recording this scene because he felt police were using too much force against this family.
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more police arrive and try to drive the crowd back and disperse the people that have gathered to see what's going on and take video. >> stand back. i told you to stand back. stay back here. >> that officer is trying to keep the mother and daughter away from the husband and son that have now been both taken into custody. trying to keep the situation from getting more volatile. >> step back, thank you. >> you're going to be in the way here, sir. >> i am not in the way. >> carl stands his ground and another officer says, i'm telling you -- >> move back. move back or i'm going to arrest you. >> he backs up a little bit but then comes right back to where he was standing. >> sir, you've been asked to leave. you need to move back. >> i'm a guest at this hotel. i'm a guest at this hotel -- >> police now slam him against the wall and arrest him. he's far away. he's a guest at the hotel and
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he's taking video. he wasn't interfering. andres was charged with assaulting and obstructing police. he was released the next morning. the charges against carl andres were eventually withdrawn because of an arrangement that had him do 25 hours of community service. he's now suing the toronto police because he said he was a victim of excessive force. he had two broken ribs and other bruises and scrapes because of this incident. and he felt his rights were violated. we did call toronto police but we did not hear back from them by our deadline. this is street justice. >> street justice! >> of the aquatic kind. >> waterway justice. >> waterway justice. >> basically, aquatic justice. >> aquatic justice. >> yeah. this is in thailand and these divers came up on this
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underwater cave. those divers didn't like it one bit. they take out their handy dandy knife and start cutting the net, freeing the fish. and this is the moment the net starts to fold over and you can see how excited these fish are to be getting out to freedom. >> i feel like they're going, whee! >> i feel they are, too. >> no telling how long they've been trapped inside of that cage. >> it looks like it's been down there a while. doesn't look like an active fisherman's trap. it just looks like a death trap. >> good for these divers. these fish get a second chance at life. >> fortunately these guys found it. the sad part is when they pan into the cage we do see that there are several fish casualties of this unfortunate confinement. you're 40 stories up in the air going about 35 miles per
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hour around a 124-foot circle. that means you are on -- >> the texas sky screamer. >> texas skyscreamer. >> the newest ride at six flags over texas. look at this thing. >> 400 feet in the air! >> oh! >> 400 feet up. you are 1 of 24 people sitting around this thing. 400 feet. that's the world record for the tallest tower swing ride in the world. once you get up there, you get a really good look of the arlington/dallas-ft. worth area. >> this thing just opens. people are getting their first crack at this ride. we've got some point of viewcam ras. >> i think i'm going to -- myself. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> it is just one of those things. those rides usually are pretty tame. >> it's just really high up. like one of those swing rides on drugs. >> radio station 94.9 klty sent
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cowboy chris to go up there and test the ride out. you can see cowboy chris is having a good time. he's also pointing out the seat he's in is rotating around as well. >> it's spinning. >> he's back and forth from laughtero screaming. these are the best rides to go on after you get really wet on the water ride and you need to dry off. spin cycle. an interview gets interrupted when -- >> oh! >> -- this giant excavator is taking this mercedes down. >> that looks like it was set up. >> we've got the story behind the crunch. and an unlikely skateboarder shows off his tricks. >> pretty cool. i've never seen that before. >> see all the moves he can do, later.
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welcome back to the show. check out great videos all darn day long. enjoy. going to pull a couple of videos from this probably wasn't supposed to happen file. first video from russia. you're looking at an apartment complex. and a giant crane. this probably shouldn't have happened. fell right down on to this apartment complex that did have residents in it. it basically tore down all of the balconies all the way from the 9th through to the first floor. check out the second video of the same incident. you can see the aftermath. >> anybody hurt? any idea what brought this down? >> excellent ye kwe. no one was hurt. no one was injured. no one killed as a result of this accident. they are still investigating why the crane itself fell. the only casualties, seven cars, according to reports, were completely totaled. >> nobody was sitting on their balcony? that's just luck. >> thank goodness. now for our next video we're
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heading over to germany. another construction site. this incident happened back in march. but this video is getting lots of attention. and you are about to see why. something in the background that probably wasn't supposed to happen. keep your eyes peeled. >> oh! >> is there somebody in that car? >> no one is in the car but keep watching because this giant excavator is taking this mercedes down. he demolishes it. it's flattened like a pancake. >> that looks like it was set up. >> according to reports, this incident happened over a disagreement with the boss on this construction site that the guy behind the wheel of the excavator had a problem with something the boss did, and this, according to reports, was the boss' mercedes. ♪
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airport layovers. it's like time stands still. but here's a good way to pass the time. >> i love it. >> they pull out their tennis racquets that they obviously had with them. took the rental cart thing you use for luggage, made an improvised net and passed the time in a challenging, fun way. >> there's only so much stuff you can do on your dumb phone. this is way cooler. way better. >> you are going to be sitting in a plane anyway. you don't want to sit in that terminal for hours. get up. get blood flowing. people outside a penitentiary in brazil were met by a very aggressive escapee. this goat was not happy about these people apparently being outside this penitentiary. and you are wondering, why all the aggression? i do want to point out this goat has some big [ bleep ]. >> a big bell hanging off his
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neck. he is larger than the average goat. >> he goes back to where all those people are hanging out. and that guy with the striped shirt becomes his next target. he runs toward him and then there's this woman walking away. he's like, oh, no you don't. >> nobody is escaping from this prison because there's a guard goat throughout that will buck you up. >> oh, no! knocked the lady down? >> the man he was attacking earlier comes to the aid and starts kicking the goat. then he gives it to him. >> guy was trying to jackie chan the goat. >> but the goat is really getting mad now. he backs up here and starts charging at the guy again. judges it a little bit. finally this guy comes over, grabs him. they are able to apprehend him. >> i don't like to see this. i want to take him to a farm, to a nice pasture nauf the country goat project didn't go so well. guess we'll have to start mowing
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again. guy in the middle of an intenseir soft game takes down some enemie then -- >> this situation goes down like none you've ever heard. >> how this hostage situation turns into a funny conversation. >> is this your first time being a hostage? >> yeah. >> okay. >> and sets the bar this high? no problem. >> let's raise this bar a little higher. >> see what happens when they jump this one "right this minute."
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this video takes us to the middle of a nasty firefight where you have a point of view camera on a machine gunner taking cover behind a bunch of different buildings. but his machine gun immediately goes down. police left with just a pistol to defend himself. >> i have a feeling that something -- you have like a twinkle in your eye. something is going to happen. >> i forgot to mention, this is an airsoft battle. guys shooting little plastic bbs at each other. it's still intense. this guy is doing everything he can to get out of the situation. >> do they have airsoft grenades? >> they do. >> see those guys walking by? those are the enemy players. he picks them all off. >> hey, you're out. >> no idea he was there. >> watch. he's not out of trouble yet. finds himself a new hiding spot.
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>> you're my hostage now. >> terrible player. >> but this hostage situation goes down like none you've ever heard. >> having a good day today? >> yeah. you? >> having a great day. thank you for asking. is this your first time being a hostage? >> yes. yes it is. >> okay. all right. i have a survey for you after the hostage situation is over that you can fill out. that way we may provide you with a better hostage situation next time. >> if you can give me five stars, i'd really appreciate it. >> this guy is an excellent player because he takes another hostage. >> you are now my second hostage. thank you for playing the game. come on in. come on in. new hostage. >> this guy is racking up hostages. but sadly his hostages get picked off. the enemy players wind up grenading his hideaway spot. but he played pretty well. >> i want him on my team.
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>> thank you, hostages. >> cat nap in a cup. ♪ a meet is grabbing a lot of attention online. it happened back in february, but it's trending all over the place and you can see why. >> lands on his skis. >> second guy does it, too. so they think, oh, boy, they both did it. let's raise this bar higher. >> they jump and land on their feet. >> that was the initial way the high jump was doing. this is the way they usually did it before the flop. >> the guy in the white tank
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knocks the bar down. so the guy in the green shorts will make his run for it. will he beat this other guy? bang! lands on his feet. pumps his fist. >> that looks to be at least six feet plus. >> look how much higher it is than these guys raising the bar. >> they do look about 6 feet. what's interesting is the way they jump over. i love how they put this in slow motion. you can see his legs. it's like this skisar movement. leads with one leg. brings the other one with him. pretty incredible. you probably have never seen a race like this. >> there's like a quad, a jeep, some sort of sedan. guys on motorcycles, on garbage trucks. >> that's right. find out exactly what's going on and see how they got these amazing shots next.
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did you take a u-turn like you are supposed to, nice and slow, loop it around, or you can take a u-turn like a guy who knows how to drive. wide open streets. this guy approaching, trying to make a right-hand turn. >> just drifts the curve. >> exactly. this street is asking for that kind of behavior in my opinion. wide open. late at night. nobody around. no traffic. and he's just laying into it. a little bit of brake. >> as long as there is no traffic. you don't want to hurt anybody. you could wind up in that little median. >> probably set this camera up. it doesn't look like a security camera. looks like he set this camera up to pull off a stunt.
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>> he's probably been seeing this corner for years saying, one of these days i'm just going to -- >> this guy handles the car precisely. with age comes wisdom and apparently really good moves, too. pay attention to that man in that brown jacket. he is at a muse concert in london. this is the opening act. and he is grooving. >> he's dancing like nobody's watching. >> there's always one person like this at the concert. there's always one person who is just grooving like marching to the beat of their own drummer. >> but it gets really fun right here because -- >> oh! >> brown hoody versus brown blazer. >> i think he is owning the dance-off. >> the silver fox guy has old man swag.
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>> the man with the hoody just walks away. all right. i cede. >> it's like he's telling the crowd, who's next? >> thaefr video stops recording, people really started cheering for him. well deserved cheers. >> many slept all through the muse concert. >> exhausted at that point. >> i call this a wild wrinkle in time. >> here's another set of moves you don't expect a 50-something-year-old to be doing. this is neil unger. for a long time he wanted to do the kick slip. he created a series of tricks he could do. that's his version of the kick flip. this is another one where he takes the skateboard, slams it on the ground and jumps on. >> pretty cool. i've never seen that before. he bounced that thing like a basketball. >> he can do the kick flip and this is one of the times he actually landed the kick flip. >> oh! >> nice! >> did you get it? >> i got it, bro.
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>> that's hard for me, dude. dog dreams he's tarzan. >> break out your oohs and ahs because this is motor sports and aviation, two of my favorite things. this is at the power days event in germany. the aviation team got their drone out. fantastic chase shots of these vehicles going down this muddy track. >> what kind of race is this? ten different kinds of trucks and cars. >> a quad, a jeep, some sort of sedan, guys on motorcycles, a garbage truck. it's like every vehicle you could imagine. >> a garbage truck. >> that's a support vehicle for the baja cars that race. they are getting so sophisticated. the quality of these cameras is so good. to be able to get right up and over those cars, get those shots
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without an expensive helicopter, fascinating to see. i love this one shot here where you can see the aviation helicopter in the background being shot by the drone. so the helicopter and the small remote control drone working together to get these shots. looks like fun if you like dirt and motors which, that's this guy. that's going to do it for us at rtm. thanks for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow.
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coming up on "dish nation" -- want a $5 million house? marry hugh hefner and just wait. jessica simpson's unborn child. guess what his name is going to be? a list of the hottest celebrity couples. >> matt damon and mike douglas. welcome to "dish nation," the i have to stop watching "dish nation" when i'm at work, it's illegally funny, entertainment news show. the rickey smiley show, atlanta and beyond. kidd kraddick broadcasting from the heart of texas. and joining us from los angeles, the heidi and frank show. this is "dish nation."


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